Problems of Geography, 2017, Vol.1-2, DOI:
Dimitar Parlichev

The author continues his critical analysis of the key concepts in geomorphology, offering a new classification unit – morphoblemes. They represent the craters on the Earth’s surface from meteorite bombardment. This type of “forms of relief” (“morphostructures” according to the author) have not yet found their place in the most famous and used classifications of land relief due to the neutral and inaccurate name “astroblemes”. The authoir expects the name “structural geomorphology” to be replaced by its synonym “morphotectonics”; objects to the requirement that any concept in geomorphology remains in tis primary form to provide “natural selection” of the concepts as a guarantee for its evolution; illustrates some advantages of genetic classification of morphological structure.

relief, morphostructures, morphotectures, morphosculptures, morpholithes, morphoblemes

Author information:
Author: Dimitar Parlichev
Affiliation: Institute of Oceanology “Fridtjof Nansen”

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Parlichev, D. (2017). МОРФОБЛЕМИ. Problems of Geography, 2017, Vol.1-2, p. 134-138.