Problems of Geography, 2019, Vol.1, DOI:
Janusz Rewucki

This paper analyses the impact of air traffic in Stuttgart, trends and business environment of the European air traffic. Globalization and integration processes are characteristic of new strategies of the greater number of industries, which directly impacts economic development in Stuttgart. From a long term and global perspective, air traffic is one of the economic branches that has a large acceleration in technological development in Stuttgart. Elements that support such development are seen primarily in development of information and telecommunication systems, and in development of modern aircraft engines that lower fuel consumption but increase flight speed as the flight itself. Considering the social and economic interest of Stuttgart in creation of development politics of air traffic, it is necessary to pay attention development of all factors in air traffic when making strategic plans. In the past, air traffic was developed with national support. Besides the funding of procurement of or renewal of the fleet of air transporters, through direct investment into capital investments, Germany has financed construction of airport infrastructure and control towers in Stuttgart (Černe, 1991).

air traffic, economic development, Stuttgart, Germany

Author information:
Author: Janusz Rewucki
Affiliation: University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Department of Geography Bosna end Herzegovina

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Rewucki, J. (2019). IMPACT OF AIR TRAFFIC ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT IN STUTTGART. Problems of Geography, 2019, Vol.1, p. 49-55.