Proceeding of 1st International Conference on Environmental Protection and Disaster RISKs, 2020, DOI:
Dimitar Stefanov

The impact of earthquakes in urban areas is a complex problem compounded by multi-hazard and consequential risk issues, enormous inventory of vulnerable physical elements and the attendant socio-economic problems. An approach for assessment of urban earthquake risk is presented. Rational urban risk predictions and expected losses from major earthquakes in the future serve the basis and also provide strong reasons for the pro-active risk mitigation activities. The proposed approach is based on a combination of numerical values for the determined levels of consequences in the three considered areas (social consequences, material consequences, economic losses).

earthquake; seismic risk; consequences; building stock

The present study has been carried out in the framework of the National Science Program “Environmental Protection and Reduction of Risks of Adverse Events and Natural Disasters””, approved by the Resolution of the Council of Ministers № 577/17.08.2018 supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Bulgaria (Agreement № ДО-230/06-12-2018); and also in the framework of the Contract No D01-161/28.08.2018 (Project “National Geoinformation Center (NGIC)” financed by the National Roadmap for Scientific Infrastructure 2017 – 2023.

Author information:
Author: Dimitar Stefanov
Affiliation: National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography – BAS, str. Acad. G. Bonchev, bl. 3, Sofia 1113, Bulgaria

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Stefanov, D. (2020). Complex Assessment of the Urban Earthquake Risk. Proceeding of 1st International Conference on Environmental Protection and Disaster RISKs, 2020, p. 381-391.