Geophysical study of Tumulus 39, Tumulus 33 and the near inter-mound space from the Eastern necropolis in Sboryanovo reserve

Christian Tzankov

The geophysical study presented, including magnetic gradiometry and aerial photography, was carried out in connection with a regular archaeological survey of Tumulus 39 (presumed Celtic sanctuary), Tumulus 33 and the near inter-mound space of the Eastern necropolis in Sboryanovo reserve. The ground geomagnetic measurements were undertaken as continuation of former surveys (2014) in the area of the sanctuary.
The geomagnetic measurements were performed on profile lines with a total length of 11,825 m, covering an area of 1.15 hectares. The obtained data was analysed, processed and interpreted. The created geomagnetic maps showed several anomalous magnetic zones of various nature and origin, which are suitable for guiding of future archaeological activities in the area of the Celtic sanctuary. Some of the magnetic anomalies were checked during subsequent archaeological excavations and various trenches and pits were discovered and reported, which supplement the information about the structure of the ritual complex.
The main conclusion, which is confirmed, is that in the area of Sboryanovo reserve the magnetic method provides very good and guiding results, which is facilitated by the properties of the subsurface environment and the characteristics of the archaeological objects and facilities under study.

applied geophysics, archaeo-geophysics, magnetometry, magnetic gradiometry, aerial photography, orthophotomap, Sboryanovo reserve

X National Geophysical Conference, 4th June 2021, DOI:

Author information:
Author: Christian Tzankov
Affiliation: University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”, Department of Applied Geophysics

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Tzankov, C. (2021). Геофизично изследване на Могила 39, Могила 33 и близкото междумогилно пространство от Източния некропол в ИАР „Сборяново“. X National Geophysical Conference, 4th June 2021, p. 94-105.