Problems of Geography, 2017, Vol.1-2, DOI:
Liubov Vishnikina

The article deals with the problem of the competency building approach to Geography teaching, the introducing of which is stipulated by the necessity to change the conceptual approaches to the content of geographic education and prediction of its results. The necessity in theoretical and applied research directed to scientific reasoning of the structure and content of subject geographic competencies of the pupils has been defined. The notions of “competence” and “competency” have been disclosed in the article, as well as the groups of geographic competencies – key, inter-subject integral and subject competencies have been characterised. At the same time the main attention has been paid to defining the functions and structure of subject geographic competency of pupils as a comprehensive whole. The content of individual subject geographic competencies, such as: geographic knowledge, geographic skills, and the experience of creative activity in geography, emotive and value attitude to environment and human activities in it, geographic comprehension of the world have been elucidated. This research has been done within the frames of the author’s research of complex theme “Methodological system of developing subject geographic competency of pupils of secondary school”.

competency building approach to Geography teaching, competencies, key competencies and inter-subject integral competencies, subject geographic competency of the pupils

Author information:
Author: Liubov Vishnikina
Affiliation: Poltava V.G. Korolenko National Pedagogical University

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Vishnikina, L. (2017). ГЕОГРАФИЧЕСКОЕ ОБРАЗОВАНИЕ: ПРЕДМЕТНАЯ ГЕОГРАФИЧЕСКАЯ КОМПЕТЕНТНОСТЬ. Problems of Geography, 2017, Vol.1-2, p. 121-133.