Problems of Geography, 2017, Vol.4, DOI:
Dimitar Parlichev

In the course of the development of geotectonics and geomorphology, the differences in the object and the subject of study of the two sciences are more clearly outlined. Geotectonics is interested in the lithosphere in terms of affecting the asthenosphere by upwards and sidewards radiation of energy and matter, and the effect of this influence. Geomorphology is mainly concerned with the influence of the hydrosphere, atmosphere and cryosphere by gravity on the top of the lithosphere, downwards and sidewards, and the effect of this influence. In geology, the contact area of the hydrospere, atmosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere with the lithosphere is known as the hypergenesis area. In geomorphology this area should be perceived as a morphosphere and a subject of geomorphology, as the relief determines to a large extent the depth and, to a decisive extent, the motion vectors of the matter, which is commensurate with that in the lithosphere. According to the latest research, the vectors are consistent with the modern trends of differentiated motions in the Earth’s crust. By not counteracting but facilitating them, which is explained by the theory of isostasis. This consistency of endo- and exogenesis occurs within the basin (lacustrine, marine, oceanic) that falls entirely within the area of hypergenesis and should be perceived in geomorphology as morphospheric basins and the area itself as a morphosphere. This allows to formulate the new paradigm of geomorphology: the construction and development of the Earth’s crust results from the interaction of two systems – the global tectospheric system of moving lithospheric plates and the global morphosystem of moving morphospheric basins, which are subject to geotechnology and geomorphology research.

lithosphere, morphosphere, lithosperic plates, morphosperic basins, radiation, gravity

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Author: Dimitar Parlichev
Affiliation: Institute of Oceanology “Fridtjof Nansen”

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Parlichev, D. (2017). МОРФОСФЕРА И МОРФОСФЕРНИ БАСЕЙНИ. Problems of Geography, 2017, Vol.4, p. 79-92.