Viliyan Krastev

The article is dedicated to an actual range of problems, connected with achievement of “soft power” at the international level by using public diplomacy. The „soft power“ refers to ability of building up reputation, trust, reliability and attractiveness of the countries in the international community as a nonmaterial geopolitical resource. By the example of Bulgaria, the historical experience, the current state, and the definition of concrete directions of public diplomacy initiatives implementation are traced. The problems are identified and some variants for enlargement of the country international presence in the sphere of its interaction with the outside world are offered. The attention is focused on the possibilities of Bulgaria to achieve a “soft power” in the spectrum of public diplomacy: expansion of the network of centers and the activity of the Bulgarian cultural institutions abroad; creation of conditions to attract and hold international events with wide public repercussion; stimulation of the intercultural dialogue and contribution by using cultural tourism. On the basis of the previous geopolitical position of Bulgaria, the author’s position of supporting for wider international presence in geographical terms is defended.

soft power, public diplomacy, Bulgaria, intercultural dialogue, event economy

Problems of Geography, 2021, Vol.3-4, DOI:

Author information:
Author: Viliyan Krastev
Affiliation: University of Economics – Varna

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Krastev, V. (2022). Геополитически измерения на „меката сила“ на България в публичната (народната) дипломация. Problems of Geography, 2021, Vol.3.-4, p. 27-40.