Marine geophysical survey in the water area of NATURA 2000 - Sozopol, Bay Sozopol - o. St. Ivan – cape Chrisosotira village, town of Chernomorets

Kiril Velkovski

The article presents result of marine geophysical surveys using a set of remote sensing methods performed in the waters of the northern bay between peninsula of Sozopol town, st. Ivan island and cape Chrisosotira at Chernomorets, conducted in the period 2014 – 2018.
A brief overview presents studies conducted until 2014 on the geomorphological genesis of the bay, which are mainly related to the activities of the Center for Underwater Archeology, Sozopol and specially to determine the geomorphological development of the bay over the past 8000-10000 years.
Chronologically are presented highlights from various field surveys conducted during the period 2014 – 2018.
A set of used methods and equipment with a brief description of the data processing and results is presented. The article demonstrates a complexation of different geophysical methods and processing of results in 4D environment as a common platform for analysis.
Particular attention is paid to the geological interpretation of the processed data.
At the end of the article, the author allows himself in the form of a discussion to present a hypothetical reconstruction of the flooding of the paleo-terrain of the bay from the sea.

Marine geophysics, Multibeam bathymetry, Subbottom profiler, Side scan sonar, Terrain model, Paleo-geographical reconstruction

X National Geophysical Conference, 4th June 2021, DOI:

Author information:
Author: Kiril Velkovski
Affiliation: KV Solutions Ltd. Sofia 1113, Iztok quarter, 3 Nezabravka Str., Bl. 49
Center for Underwater Archeology, Sozopol – Associate Member, Sozopol, 1 Apolonia Str.

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Velkovski, K. (2021). Морско геофизично проучване в акваторията на НАТУРА 2000 – гр. Созопол, залива гр. Созопол – о. Св. Иван – н. Хрисосотира, гр. Черноморец. X National Geophysical Conference, 4th June 2021, p. 68-87.