Natural geophysical fields in Turkey and geodynamics – relationships and correlations

Boyko Ranguelov, Memet Salih Bayraktutan, Emil Oynakov

Natural geophysical fields are a valuable source of information about the surface and deeper layers of the Earth’s crust, representing the most geodynamically active part of the geophysical section. In these depths (including the upper mantle and the asthenosphere) the effects of all endogenous processes and their consequences on the earth’s crust are manifested – block fragmentation, fault network, active geodynamic processes (earthquakes, volcanoes, displacements of the earth’s surface, etc.). With proper interpretation, the presence or absence of cross-correlation and relationships between different fields can serve as heuristic estimates of various geodynamic parameters, which in turn are useful in the practice of studying the geodynamics of Turkey.

natural geophysical fields, correlations, geodynamics

XI National Geophysical Conference, 9th June 2023, DOI: 10.48368/bgs-2023.1.N10

Author information:
Author: Boyko Ranguelov
Affiliation: University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”

Author: Memet Salih Bayraktutan
Affiliation: Igdir University, Igdir, Turkey

Author: Emil Oynakov
Affiliation: National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography – Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

How to cite:
Ranguelov, B., Bayraktutan, M. S., & Oynakov, E. (2023). Natural geophysical fields in Turkey and geodynamics – relationships and correlations. XI National Geophysical Conference, 9th June 2023.