Geophysical studies of Niche 1 in Bacho Kiro Cave

Christian Tzankov

The geophysical surveys aim to provide information on the eventually presence of a connection between Niche 1 and Niche 2 behind the sediments accumulated to the left of the cave Bacho Kiro entrance, as well as on the shape of the rock massif behind those sediments. The GPR and electro resistivity methods were involved in the study.

GPR, electrical resistivity, archaeology

XI National Geophysical Conference, 9th June 2023, DOI: 10.48368/bgs-2023.1.N4

Author information:
Author: Christian Tzankov
Affiliation: University of Mining and Geology “St. Ivan Rilski”

How to cite:
Tzankov, C. T. (2023). Геофизични изследвания на ниша 1 в пещерата Бачо Киро. XI National Geophysical Conference, 9th June 2023.