Marine geophysical surveys 2013 – 2022: Centre for Underwater Archaeology in cooperation with Eng. geophysicist Kiril Velkovsky

Kiril Velkovsky

The article is a retrospective of the marine geophysical surveys carried out from 2013 to the present day by the Centre for Underwater Archaeology in cooperation with engineer geophysicist Kiril Velkovsky, KV Solutions Ltd. The idea is to provide information for the achieved results, accumulated experience and created databases, and to give information about available accessible resources that could be used in many directions of science and engineering practice.
A brief overview presents the main used geophysical methods, as well as information about the equipment, following of a brief overview of completed projects and achieved results.
On the other hand, to demonstrate the development of the various research methods both in technological and large-scale aspects, as well as in terms of quality of received data and detail. One aspect that is a global trend that has developed dynamically in the last 5-6 years as technology moves towards detail and hyper-detail in the results obtained.

marine geophysics, marine survey, marine archaeology

XI National Geophysical Conference, 9th June 2023, DOI: 10.48368/bgs-2023.1.N6

Author information:
Author: Kiril Velkovsky
Affiliation: KV Solutions Ltd

How to cite:
Velkovsky, K. (2023). Морски геофизични проучвания 2013 – 2022 г.: Център за подводна археология в сътрудничество с инж. геофизик Кирил Велковски. XI National Geophysical Conference, 9th June 2023.